About Line Striping

Line Striping Solutions is a company based in Edmonton. We specialize in painting parking lines and offer a wide variety of services for your parking lot, from striping new pavement to installing and selling road signs. With many combined years of experience, we offer a superior quality of service by respecting the highest standards of our industry.

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Our Services

We specialize in striping commercial, residential, underground parking lots, warehouses & sports fields.

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Parking lot painting

  • Lines and symbols marking;
  • Specialized preformed thermoplastic marking;
  • Warehouse floor striping (safety control);
  • Painting of curbs, pillars, speed bumps or anything else you need painted.

Parking lot sweeping

  • Mechanical sweeping;
  • Power washing;
  • Spring clean up;
  • Packages available.

Specialized work

  • Existing marking removal;
  • Sport field marking (tennis, basketball, soccer, etc.);
  • Traffic signs installation;
  • Rubber speed bump and curb installation.

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